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Watchdog "Fired" After Sleeping Through Break-In

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Maybe this dog should change its moniker from "man's best friend" to "burglar's best friend," after botching the job for which he was hired.

The owner of a bar in England bought Taz, a Doberman Alsatian cross, in 1998 to patrol the bar at night to ward off any would-be burglars. There has never been a break-in until this weekend. It was Taz's moment to shine. Instead, he slept though the burglary.

When owner Mark Keel opened up the bar the next morning, he found things missing -- and Taz fast asleep and "snoring." He said, "Taz just didn't wake up. He should have been straight down the stairs, and he would have been if he'd woken up.

"He's 11 years old now and he's getting on -- getting blind and deaf. When he was younger, he'd wake up at anything, even people walking along the street outside. We're now putting in a burglar alarm."

Maybe Keel shouldn't be too hard on Taz. After all, Keel lives in an apartment above the bar, and he slept through the burglary as well.

The burglars got in through a window, and stole some alcohol, the tip jar containing around $60, and other cash in a video machine and a charity collection tin. They also stole an iPod Nano.

As far as old Taz, he is being retired from his watchdog job, and will live out his life as a pet.


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