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Watch: Dashcam Video Of Drive-By Shooting Of El Paso Police Officer

Dashcam video capturing the moment a Texas officer gets shot in a drive-by shooting has been released.

Authorities believe El Paso Police Officer Mike Garcia was shot multiple times by Frank Aparicio, who fled after the Oct. 20 incident, KFOX-TV reports.

The 14-minute video shows Officer Garcia walking up to a vehicle during a routine traffic stop on North Loop. He returns to his cruiser, and that’s when four gunshots can be heard off camera. Garcia gets on his radio and tells the dispatcher that he has been shot.

Horacio Castaneda, the man who was pulled over for not having his headlights on, can be seen getting out of his car to help the wounded officer. Another driver also aided Garcia, according to Police Magazine.

More officers arrive at the scene over the next 12 minutes to investigate the shooting.

"I came back to reality when I heard the officer scream in pain," Castaneda told KFOX in an interview. "Once I saw the officer fall down, I went outside and other cars pulled over to help. They didn't really know what to do.”

Aparicio also allegedly stabbed Cecilia R. Diaz, 61, over a dozen times in an unrelated incident on the same day the officer was shot. Diaz was found dead inside a home in east El Paso the following day, El Paso Times reports.

He is believed to be a roommate of Diaz’s boyfriend, who was out of town at the time of the attack.

Aparicio, who police say chose Garcia at random to shoot, committed suicide hours later and was found dead Oct. 21, behind a store.

Garcia is currently at home and still recovering from the injuries.

Sources: KFOX-TVPolice MagazineEl Paso Times / Photo Credit: El Paso Videos/YouTube, Scott Davidson/Flickr Creative Commons


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