Watch Daredevil Erik Roner Ascend 8,000 Feet Into The Sky On Lawn Chair, Balloons (Video)

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A skydiving daredevil soared 8,000 feet into the sky over Utah on a lawn chair attached to helium balloons before shooting them with a shotgun and releasing his parachute.

Renowned base jumper Erik Roner, who caught the stunt on a GoPro camera, tied 90 balloons filled with 50 tanks of helium to a lawn chair, according to RYOT.

In the viral video (below), Roner attaches the balloons to the chair using a bungee cord with the help of his friends.

ABC News notes, like a scene from the Disney movie “Up,” Roner then can be seen being lifted into the air.

Once the lawn chair reaches an altitude of 8,000 feet, he begins shooting the balloons with the shotgun. Roner then detaches the chair from the balloons and begins skydiving, shotgun in hand. The “Nitro Circus” star soon deploys his parachute and lands safely to the ground.

The video was posted to Rockstar energy drink YouTube channel, with nearly 600,000 views as of this writing.

Check it out below:

Sources: RYOTABC News / Photo Credit: Rockstar/YouTube


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