Watch: Brave Little Dog Stuck In Well Never Gives Up Hope During Rescue Operation


A brave dog has been saved from danger after falling into a deep well, and the rescue was caught on camera.

The video below shows the sandy colored pet repeatedly grabbing hold of a rope and climbing up the brickwork, but slips and falls as it neared the top of the well, the Daily Mail reports.

A rescuer yelled words of encouragement as the exhausted dog plunged back into the well’s cold water over and over again.

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(via the Daily Mail)

While a total of nine attempts failed, the intelligent pooch and the emergency worker refused to give up. And on the tenth try, the rescuer managed to grab the dog’s collar and pull him out to safety on dry land.

The whole rescue mission, which can be viewed below, lasted about three minutes and the animal seemed to be uninjured and was happily wagging its tail.

It was not known when or where the video was shot, but a dog with the same sand-colored coat was rescued from an abandoned well in Oelwein, Iowa, on Dec. 17, the Associated Press reports.

The owner or owners never came forward, but a veterinarian says the dog is scheduled to move in Friday with a new family.

Sources: Daily Mail, AP via The Des Moines Register


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