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Watch This Baby Elephant Escape 14 Vicious Lionesses, Tells Them To Get Lost (Video)

A 1-year-old elephant, who was attacked by 14 vicious lionesses after getting separated from its herd at the Norman Carr Safaris Chinzombo Camp in Zambia, managed to make it out of the incident alive.

Video (below) uploaded by the New York Post shows a group of hungry lionesses and cubs as they cling to the elephant with their teeth and claws to take it down, but failed to do so.

The attack was captured on video by journalist Jesse Nash, Long Island University art professor Dan Christoffel, naturalist Steve Baker and Australian TV personality Nina Karnikowski, who were all on a game drive through the safari. The tourists can be heard behind the camera cheering for the young elephant.

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Nash told MailOnline that he was desperate to help but did not want to interfere with “a cycle of life,” which is, “at times, very cruel.”

Three lionesses climb on the calf’s back at one point in the 3-minute video, but he refused to give up and eventually escaped by heading towards the nearby water.

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According to Inside Edition, lions avoid water if they can. Then, the elephant charges his adversaries and they run away in fear.

“In the 30-plus years I have been a safari guide in Zambia at the Luangwe Park, never have I seen anything like this,” said a top safari guide who works with Norman Carr Safaris and drove the group to the site. “We were all so worried the baby elephant would be killed right before us.”

He ended up reuniting with his herd and was given the nickname “Hercules.”

Check out the video below:

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Image Credits: Caters News Agency, Steve Baker


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