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Watch: Baby Black Bear Chased Up Tree, Taunted By Hunters

New Jersey hunters chased a black bear cub up a tree in West Milford and recorded a video of themselves mocking the animal as it cries for its mother.

"Oh he's crying," a man whines.

"Where did mommy go?" asks a female.

"Up in the woods," he says. "You want you mama? Come on down!"

As the bear cries, the man cries back at him.

"Oh, you'd make a nice little coat," he adds.

The cub backs down the tree and scampers away in the opposite direction, the Daily Mail reported. He doesn't appear to be harmed.

A Rutgers student was attacked and killed by a black bear last month in Northern New Jersey’s Apshawa Preserve. Darsh Patel, 22, was hiking with friends when he went missing. Evidence of an attack was found by investigators. A 300-pound bear was later euthanized.

Patel is the first recorded death linked to a black bear New Jersey since modern record keeping began, the New York Times reported.

Patel died about 40 miles from New York City, where a dead bear cub was found in Central Park this week. How the 6-month-old female made it to Central Park is still unknown. She was likely hit by a car.

“It is highly unlikely—near impossible—that a bear of any age would wind up in Central Park on its own. Bears are capable of traveling great distances—we’ve seen up to 50 miles [80 kilometers]—but there are no corridors through which a bear could travel into Central Park,” wrote Stefan Sirucek for National Geographic.

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Times

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / RikkisRefuge Other


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