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Watch and Learn? A Father's Attempt to Make His Teenage Daughter Clean Her Room

Among many of the unflattering qualities often attributed to teenagers is messiness.

This was precisely the problem a Fort Stewart soldier, who did not want to be identified, was encountering with his daughter; the teenager, who he described as an honor roll student, had a terribly messy bedroom.

On Monday, he had finally had enough. While his daughter was in school, he moved everything out of her bedroom, and put it all in the family’s driveway.

He put a sign next to the pile of belongings that read, “Haley, room moved to driveway. Clean it next time.”

The girl’s father said that while he did not want to treat his daughter like a soldier, he felt that he had to send her a message that she couldn’t ignore.

He also noted that his daughter was initially upset to discover that all of her belongings had been relocated, and that she had described the move as “extreme.”

In the end, however, it seems that both father and daughter might come away from the lesson feeling happy; they have hired a painter to come in and repaint Haley’s bedroom, in the hopes that she will keep it cleaner in the future.

The home is located on Mustang Lang in the Horse Creek subdivision of Ludowici in South Georgia.


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