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Partygoer Attacked Because Of Her Shorts

Washington woman Alica Rae Hanson seems to have some very strong opinions about the way people dress.

The Herald of Everett reported on Monday that Hanson attacked a female attendee at a barbecue because she thought the woman’s shorts were too short.

The Herald reports that Hanson approached the woman “in an aggressive manner” and complained about her shorts, “claiming that they were too short for the BBQ party.”

Hanson then walked away from woman. Moments later, she came charging back and attacked her. Police report that Hanson knocked the woman to the ground and hit her repeatedly and pulled her hair out.

Bystanders broke up the fight and called police. When officers arrived, they found the victim bloodied with her left eye swollen shut. A pile of blonde hair extensions belonging to her was discovered. Doctors later said she suffered broken facial bones and bleeding in her eye from the attack.

Police arrested Hanson on the spot and she was charged by prosecutors with felony second degree assault.

Source: The Herald of Everett


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