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Washington Town Removes Word 'Easter' from Egg Hunt

Officials in a Washington state city have removed the word "Easter" from the title of their egg hunt on Sunday to avoid offending residents without a religious affiliation.

This comes on the heals of many other lawmakers attempting to be politically correct by trying to make events secular, even when they are tied to religious holidays.

Administrators in Edmonds, Wash. are calling the egg hunting event an "egg hunt," and are excluding "Easter" from the title and description altogether.

Though they are attempting to not offend nonreligious people, they are actually offending some people who are religious.

"I think it's kind of sad," Karen Knight, a resident of Edmonds, said. 

"You know, I come from England, and Christmas is Christmas and Easter is Easter."

A rep for the parks department said that they are only trying to keep up with the trends of local administrators.

"The removal of specific religious references is common throughout many cities recreation departments," Tammy Rankin, spokesperson for the City of Edmond's Parks Recreation and Cultural Services, said.

"We want to recognize and welcome all citizens to our events, regardless of faith."

There are other residents who don't mind the removal of the word.

"I don't mind that, because when you take the religious aspect out of it you include more people," Truwyn Diaz said. 

Sources: KOMO News, Cyber Gazing


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