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Washington State Trooper Escorts Elderly Lady As She Rides Scooter Home (Video)

A state trooper in Washington, near the U.S.-Canadian border, was caught on camera helping an elderly woman who was riding around lost on her scooter while on her way home from getting coffee.

In the video, the trooper can be seen driving slowly behind a woman who appears to be in her 80s who is riding on her scooter. Other drivers witnessed the woman riding along the highway and called police out of concern. The cameras started coming out when Trooper Dave Hintz pulled up behind her with his lights flashing.

“What it looked like at the time was this older lady on a Rascal cruising down the road. The cop car with the lights flashing going behind her is what caught my attention," witness Andrea Ruth told KOMO News. "You can't make that stuff up."

After tons of calls to local police, people finally realized the trooper wasn’t pulling the elderly woman over, he was helping her get to her destination safely.

"I wasn't trying to stop her. I wasn't trying to detain her. I was just trying to get her back to her home," Hintz said. "I just treated her the way I would've wanted somebody to treat my mom."

After witness videos started popping up online, dash-cam video was quickly released to show the interaction between the elderly woman and Hintz.

“There's no license plate. She's in a little... cart," Hintz tells the dispatcher on his radio.

Once he finally stops her to talk, he tells her he’s concerned about her riding along the busy road on her own.

“We're getting a ton of calls about you," Hintz tells the woman. "Everybody's worried about you because you've been on and off the road."

After insisting that she knew where she was going, the woman eventually let Hintz follow her to make sure she got home safely. It reportedly took more than an hour for the two to make it back to her house.

Sources: Daily Mail, KOMO News

Photo Source: Daily Mail 


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