Washington State Jewelry Shop Owner Shoots, Kills Would-Be Robber

One alleged robber met an unexpected end after attempting to hold up a jewelry store in Washington.

According to the police report and surveillance footage, a man entered the jewelry store near Kent, Washington, on May 4 shortly after it opened with a gun in his hand. The owner, however, had a gun of his own. He grabbed his weapon and an exchange of gunfire took place.

The would-be robber then fled the property to an unknown location. The owner told police he thought he had shot the robber twice, but couldn’t be sure. Shortly after, police found a dead man strewn across a bench in Auburn - which is about five miles away from the jewelry store. The man, identified later as Delearance Fleming, 36, had died of a gunshot wound. Authorities quickly put two and two together.

“We are 99 percent certain. We are waiting for evidence from the crime lab to match ballistics and confirm the gun,” Police Chief Ken Thomas told Kent Reporter regarding Fleming’s connection to the attempted robbery.

During the incident, there were two other employees and two customers also in the store, but luckily no one else was injured during the exchange of gunfire.

The investigation is still ongoing, but according to Police Sgt. Jarod Kasner, the shop owner will not be charged with murder because he acted in self-defense. 

Sources: Guns.com, Kent Reporter


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