Cop Helps Save Service Dog Of 8-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy (Video)


A police officer in Pierce County, Washington, became a hero to a girl with Cerebral Palsy after he helped save the life of her beloved service dog.

Faith Cloud, 8, loves her service dog Spice dearly because he helps her navigate life from a wheelchair. Cloud, who is also unable to communicate verbally, normally seats Spice in her lap, but one day, the dog got loose from her leash and ran across the road, ultimately getting hit by a car that didn’t stop.

A crowd gathered around the beloved animal, and Pierce County Detective Ryan Salmon arrived to the scene to find out why all the people were huddled together. He walked up and saw that everybody was gathered around the injured dog in the road, and Cloud’s mother Tonya informed him that they didn’t have a vehicle to get Spice medical attention.

“They said they didn't have a car so I offered to drive them down to the emergency vet clinic at 56th and Durango,” said Salmon.

When they arrived at the clinic, Tonya Cloud says she didn’t have the money needed to get Spice necessary X-rays, so Salmon graciously offered to pay the $240 for her.

“I didn't want the family to make the hard decision about whether or not to keep the dog, so I offered to cover the remainder of the bill,” said Salmon.

Now, Spice is out of commission after suffering a broken pelvis and internal injuries, but Tonya Cloud and her daughter Faith are incredibly grateful to Detective Salmon for going above and beyond in their time of need.

“It wasn’t about being a cop,” said Salmon to KIRO 7 News. “It was about having compassion for this girl and her dog.”

Sources: Huffington Post, KIRO 7 News, KOMO News


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