Washington State Agencies Seek To Reduce Amount Of Medical Marijuana Patients Can Have


Three state agencies have made recommendations that would change how much marijuana patients can have in Washington.

Under the draft recommendations from the Liquor Control Board, Department of Revenue and Department of Health, the amount of marijuana patients can have would be reduced from 24 ounces to 3 ounces, which is still more than the 1 ounce adults are allowed under the recreational law, according to King5.com.

Patients and their caregivers are currently allowed to grow up to 15 marijuana plants at home, but home-growing would be eliminated. Under the proposed rules, medical marijuana would be sold at licensed pot shops that obtain a medical marijuana endorsement.

The recommendations were reportedly requested by state lawmakers trying to reconcile the largely unregulated medical system with the new tightly controlled recreational pot market, which seeks to undercut illicit dealers, according to The Seattle Times.

Philip Dawdy of the Washington Cannabis Association sees problems with the recommendations.

Forcing patients to travel to a licensed recreational pot store would inconvenience many because “it’s not going to be simple for patients with debilitating conditions to get to them,” Dawdy said, according to King5.com.

The proposals begin a period of public comment and the deadline for written comments on the recommendations is Nov. 8. Final recommendations are due to the Legislature by Jan. 1.

Sources: King5.com, The Seattle Times


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