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Washington School Shooter Texted 'I'm Sorry' To Family Before Murders

Just a few minutes before Washington high school freshman Jaylen Fryberg fatally shot four of his friends and then himself, he sent a group text to members of his family apologizing to the parents of the teenagers he was about to murder.

The shooting took place at Marysville-Pilchuck High School in Marysville, Washington last October. Newly released documents from the investigation reveal that Fryberg, 15, sent a series of texts and Facebook messages to friends and family moments before he killed his friends in the school’s cafeteria, reports NY Daily News.

“I needed to do this …I wasn’t happy. And I need my crew with me too,” the teenager said in a group message to his family, attempting to justify his reasoning for killing himself and four of his closest friends, one of whom was his cousin.

The documents from the investigation also show that Fryberg asked his family to bury him in camouflage gear, and urged them to gather for dinner at his grandmother’s house, even though he was about to murder another member of the family.

Although the report says Fryberg’s motives are unclear, classmates told police that the teenager had recently been in a fight with a football player that alleged racial comments, and that Fryberg’s girlfriend had broken up with him the day before the shooting, reports Daily Mail.

Investigators also found a series of chilling Facebook messages Fryberg sent moments before he shot several of his friends. One message contained a photo of a pistol between his legs and asked that the unidentified recipient of the message call him "before he did 'this thing.'"

Minutes later, he spoke on the phone with a friend for two minutes, then sent a text to his father telling him to “read the paper on my bed,” which was followed up by a group message to family members outlining his funeral wishes.

Zoe Galas, 14, died at the scene, while Shaylee Chuckulnaskit and Gia Soriano, also 14, as well as his cousin, Andrew Fryberg, 15, died later in nearby hospitals. Another 14-year-old survived a gunshot wound to the face.

Fryberg’s father, Raymond Fryberg, has been charged with illegally possessing the gun his son used. His trial is set for Sept. 21.

Sources: NY Daily News, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Facebook via NY Daily News


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