Washington Police Shoot, Kill Fleeing Man Near Busy Intersection (Video)


Police in Pasco, Washington, shot a fleeing suspect multiple times near a busy intersection on Feb. 10.

Two witnesses filmed the fatal shooting (videos below), which began with the man who appears to be running across the street and being shot at by officers.

The officers followed the man to the front of a grocery store and shot him several times.

A press release issued by the Pasco Police Department said the man was throwing rocks at cars, refused to obey police officers and police used a stun gun on him.

The stun gun did not subdue the man and police claim the man threatened them, so they shot him. In the video, the man appears to be running from the officers. There was no mention of the victim having a weapon in the press release.

After they shot the man, the police appeared to handcuff him while he lay dying on a sidewalk.

“He (didn’t) comply with their commands as far as we know right now,” Pasco Police Department spokesman Capt. Ken Roske told Tri-City Herald.

The shooting will be investigated by a Tri-City Special Investigative Unit, which is not part of the Pasco Police Department.

Sources: Tri-City Herald, Pasco Police Department  Image Credit: Pasco Washington Police Logo


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