Washington Police Officer Refused Service At Circle K, Company Now Investigating


Washington man Duane Olsen was reportedly refused service after a Circle K clerk discovered he was a police officer. Now, Circle K is investigating the clerk's behavior.

Olsen was in West Richland, Washington, out of uniform when he walked into the Circle K on Dec. 15, KEPR reports. When he went to check out, the clerk asked if he was an officer. When Olsen confirmed that he was, the clerk slid his items toward him over the counter and denied him service.

West Richland Police Captain Ben Majetich told the news station that he’d rather put the event behind him, but a Facebook post from Olsen’s wife has made that difficult.

“I’ll be avoiding the Circle K on Van Giesen from now on,” Olsen’s wife wrote. “You refuse to service our men in blue and I’ll refuse to give you business.”

The post was shared over 1,300 times in one day.

“We do not believe this is reflective on Circle K or any of its businesses,” Majetich said about the incident during a press conference. “We’ve had a great relationship with this store and all of its employees. This happened to be one employee who was at the time very upset and emotional over a previous incident with police two days prior.”

The previous incident involved the clerk being arrested for misdemeanor warrants.

Circle K has since released a statement noting that the clerk’s decision does not reflect their values as a company. They are currently performing an internal investigation into the employee's actions.

Here is the Facebook post from Olsen's wife in full:

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Sources: KEPR, Tri-City Herald, NBC / Photo Credit: Tri-City Herald 

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