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Dementia Patient Allegedly Raped By Nursing Home Director

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A Washington state nursing home director and owner was arrested and charged with the rape of an 83-year-old dementia patient, after the victim’s family caught the attack on camera.

The victim’s family set up a hidden camera in the woman’s room after they suspected that something was wrong at the small adult care home. When the family reviewed the footage on Thursday night, they saw 67-year-old Laszlo Molnar of the AA Adult Family Home in Auburn sexually assaulting the elderly woman.

Molnar was arrested the same day and charged with second degree rape allegations.

“It’s a very disturbing video,” Auburn police Commander Mark Caillier said. “Obviously very disturbing, very traumatizing for the victim and the family.”

Following Molnar’s arrest the home was immediately closed. All 12 residents were removed on stretchers into ambulances and brought to new homes. The remaining 11 residents will be examined for signs of possible sexual attacks, since many of them suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s and may not be able to communicate such abuse.

The victim’s current state is unknown.

In the past, complaints have also been made against the home for bed bugs and faulty smoke alarms.

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Sources: DailyMail, NY Daily News / Photo Credit: KOMO News/DailyMail


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