Washington Man Faces $18,000 In Bridge Fines

Tom Rose of Poulsbo, Washington is facing over $18,000 in fines because his son crossed a bridge to work everyday and neglected to obtain a ‘Good to Go’ pass.

"He thought he'd be billed later for it," Rose told King5

Later, when his son was trying to sell his car, he discovered he owed $1,360 in tolls and more than $16,000 in penalties.

The billing has been inconsistent for many people and a class action lawsuit was filed against the Washington State Department of Transportation this week, claiming they violated due process. However, no is facing fines worse than Tom Rose’ son.

"They need to pay their tolls. We all need to do our part," Rose said. "But to not have a proper recourse, and not have the administrative process correct, is really an affront. It's almost an abuse."

King5 asked the Washington State Department of Transportation to check their records and a spokesperson said that they did try to bill Rose’ son, but the notices were returned to them. 

They said they were willing to work with Rose’ son to reduce the penalties, but he will have to pay the tolls. 

"We would welcome any type of remediation in this. A second look, that would be great,” Rose said.

Source: King5 Image via King5


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