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Washington Man Arrested For Stealing $6 of Cotton Candy: 'I Was Being Stupid'

Dear world,

Don’t steal $6 worth of cotton candy. It’s just not worth it, and if you get caught you’ll feel very dumb.

Just ask the Washington state resident who was arrested for stealing some of the fluffy goodness last week.

A security guard patrolling an area of the Seattle waterfront saw a group of suspicious men walking around. In order to see what they were up to, he found a place to hide and watch them.

While watching the men, he saw one of the men walk behind a snack bar and steal some cotton candy.

The security guard came out of his surveillance spot and held the man and his sugary contraband until police arrived at the scene.

When asked why he stole the cotton candy, the man said “I was being stupid.”

No one disagreed his self-assessment.

The man, who lives with his mother and could not remember her house address, was taken into King County jail for investigation of burglary.

His prized cotton candy was damaged at some point during the theft, so police let the man’s friends eat it rather than returning it to the vendor.

KOMO news reports that Hempfest had just ended about a mile away from where the men were arrested. It hasn’t been confirmed if the men attended the cannabis festival, but a lot of things in this story would make more sense if they did. 

Source: KOMO News


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