House Party Shooter Targeted Ex-Girlfriend (Photo)


A teenager opened fire at a party in Mukilteo, Washington, on July 30, killing three people and injuring another.

Allen Ivanov, 19, was taken into custody by police after allegedly murdering Anna Bui, Jake Long, and Jordan Ebner.

Bui was Ivanov’s ex-girlfriend, according to a Daily Mail source who identified himself as a Baltimore college student and friend of the suspect. Their break-up reportedly caused Ivanov to fall into a depressive state.

The friend said that Ivanov purchased an AR-15 rifle last week and texted him a photo of the weapon. He did not think anything of it until he received a shocking phone call.

“I just killed my ex-girlfriend,” Ivanov reportedly told his friend on the phone after the shooting.

“We didn’t know if it was serious or not,” the friend told the Daily Mail. “We thought it was a joke; he called us at 2:30 a.m. We didn’t think he was capable of doing something like that. He was always a prankster and a jokester. He used to love playing Halo, but he never showed any signs of violent behavior.”

The friend said Ivanov was hysterical on the phone, and asked how he should kill himself.

“Throughout the phone conversation, he kept asking, ‘What's the best way to kill myself?’ He was crying, saying, ‘What did I just do?’” the friend recalled.

He tried to get Ivanov to park his car, and then immediately called Seattle police.

“He was definitely in an altered state of mind,” he said. “The Allen that I knew was not anymore, that was definitely not Allen that I was talking to.”

Two days before the shooting, Ivanov sent two cryptic tweets.

“First and last tweet. I’ve been through it all,” one of the July 28 tweets read.

“What’s Ruger gonna think?” the second tweet read, which may have been a reference to Ruger Firearms, who manufacturers AR-15 rifles.

Both tweets have since been flooded with comments by users who are angry, upset, and confused over the shooting.

On Instagram, Ivanov shared a photo of the AR-15 rifle with three bullets lying next to it. The caption read: “You can’t run with me.”

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It is unclear how long ago the break-up between Ivanov and Bui took place. His friend told the Daily Mail he thought it happened one or two months ago, but other friends have told him it was just a week prior.

The friend wishes Ivanov had gone for help.

“If he had talked to a psychiatrist or something before, maybe it would have prevented this,” he said, adding that he wonders if he would have been allowed to purchase a gun if his depression over the break-up was more well-known.

“My friends and I were talking, how can he easily get this AR-15? He had no criminal history, but he definitely had some psychological issues,” he said. 

“We didn't think gun control was that important until now,” the friend said, reportedly breaking into tears. “We didn't realize how easy it was for a friend to get a gun and kill somebody.”

Police apprehended and arrested Ivanov about two hours after the shooting, more than 100 miles from where it took place.

He is charged with three counts of murder, including one count of aggravated murder, NBC News reports.

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