Washington Gov. Wants Feds to "Reschedule" Marijuana


By "CannaBob"

I’ve said it before, we need the federal government to reschedule marijuana and then leave it up to the individual states to regulate it as the people see fit.  Until this happens, we will not be free.

OPB Washington Governor Chris Gregoire says she wants all the states that allow medical marijuana to ask the federal government to reclassify the drug.

She scheduled a conference call among those states Thursday. Meanwhile, a state Senate committee heard testimony Wednesday on a last ditch effort to pass an overhaul of Washington’s medical marijuana law.

Medical marijuana advocates have been trying to pass a bill to allow marijuana dispensaries.

Last month, Governor Chris Gregoire vetoed large parts of their bill. She said it would’ve put state workers in the position of violating federal law.

The new bill would instead leave regulation of dispensaries to local cities and counties. But many of the advocates who supported the vetoed marijuana bill don’t support this new one.


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