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Washington Drug Deal Leads To Double Murder

A young couple in Washington was killed during an alleged drug deal that became violent on the night of Dec. 3.

The victims were Daniel Miller, 23, and his fiance, Charissa Dobbins, 22, KCPQ reports. The two were discovered in a house in Fife, Washington, after Miller's friends contacted 911 and said they could see the bodies through the window.

Their bodies were discovered in a house known for drug distribution. According to The News Tribune, the couple was squatting there.

Brett Dollens, 22, was charged on Dec. 7 with two counts of first-degree murder.  Dollens pleaded not guilty and is being held on a $2 million bond.

Dollens' charging papers state that Miller was a drug dealer and that Dollens had stolen Percocet from him, and had planned to rob Miller during the confrontation at the house.

“Dollens said he was planning on going to Miller’s residence with a weapon and use it if he had to,” the charging papers read.

Police arrested Dollens near the house. He told officers that he was going to apologize to Miller, and that it was Miller who took out a gun and pointed it at him. He said there was a struggle, the gun fired off three or four shots, and he did not realize that Dobbins had been shot.

Miller's brother told KCPQ that he had struggled with heroin addiction, saying the entire situation should not have happened and that Dollens should not have been involved. She was the mother of a 2-year-old boy.

“Nobody should have to go through this,” Miller's brother said. “A lot of people tried to help [Miller] but he just doesn’t want to take help."

Sources: KCPQ, The News Tribune / Photo credit: KCPQ

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