Washington Dog That Survived Wolf Attack Gets Mauled By Cougar


A 60-pound female husky-wolf mix that was attacked by a wolf in her Twisp, Wash., yard in March 2013 is now recovering after she was mauled by a cougar.

The dog, Shelby, was brought to Olympia last year so her owner, John Stevie, could show the state House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee why he believes pet-owners should be allowed to use deadly force if their pet is being attacked by a wolf.

Less than a year after the wolf attack, Shelby was hospitalized after being mauled by a cougar when Stevie let her outside last Monday.

“We both raced to the door and she came running in," said Stevie’s girlfriend Sharon Willoya. "She wouldn’t let us touch her at first because she was frightened. We finally got her calm and noticed she was bleeding."

“The dog was ripped up pretty bad,” said Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Sgt. Dan Christensen. “She’s expected to make a recovery, but she’ll require a lot of stitches.”

Shelby had cuts to her shoulder and chest requiring more than a dozen stitches.

WDFW issued a depredation permit and tracked the animal. The cougar, a healthy female, was treed, shot, and killed Tuesday.

Officials said the cougar had “bedded down” near Stevie’s home and was likely surprised by the dog when it was let out Monday morning.

“They think when Shelby came around the house, the cougar was there,” Willoya told Methow Valley News.

Shelby was the second dog to be attacked by the cougar. There have been far more attacks reported this winter than previous winters.

Cougars have killed sheep, goats, a calf, and several chickens in the Methow Valley this winter.

WDFW has been issuing special permits all winter to allow hunters to use hounds to hunt cougars in Methow Valley.

Sources: The Spokesman Review, Methow Valley News


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