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Washington Deputies Tase, Beat Mentally Ill Man, Family Gets $750K For His Death (Video)

The family of Ronald Hillstrom will be paid a $750,000 settlement by Pierce County, Washington.

Hillstrom, who was mentally ill, reportedly died after being beaten and tased by four Pierce County Sheriff's deputies in May 2014 (video below).

Several witnesses told KOMO 4 that Hillstrom was walking around in circles outside his apartment complex and acting strangely.

Deputies reportedly tased, beat and hog-tied Hillstrom, who died on the way to a local hospital.

Witnesses claim that Hillstrom was carrying a screwdriver, but never threatened the deputies.

The Pierce County County Sheriff's Department originally claimed that Hillstrom did not have any head injuries, however, an autopsy later showed that he suffered a broken nose and ribs, as well as other injuries, reports KIRO TV.

As part of the massive settlement to the Hillstrom family, which taxpayers are funding, the sheriff’s department has agreed to increase its training on dealing with mentally ill people, noted The News Tribune.

“The death of Mr. Hillstrom is extremely unfortunate and undesirable,” Sheriff Paul Pastor said in a statement via spokesperson. “Too often our deputies must intervene to deal with mentally ill citizens who cannot get the treatment they need. Without treatment, the implications can be terrible for all involved.”

However, there's no evidence that a lack of mental health treatment killed Hillstrom.

Sources: KIRO TV, KOMO 4, The News Tribune
Image Credit: KOMO 4 Screenshot


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