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Washington D.C. Will Arrest Tourists With Empty Gun Shells

Pro-gun journalist Emily Miller, of the Washington Times, has written a new book in which she claims that Washington D.C. police will arrest tourists and other non-residents traveling with used bullet or shotgun casings.

In her book "Emily Gets Her Gun... But Obama Wants to Take Yours," Miller writes: "Empty shell casings are considered ammunition in Washington, D.C., so they are illegal to possess unless you are a resident and have a gun registration certificate."

Miller (pictured) told that Washington D.C. police are "under orders to arrest tourists or other legal gun owners from out of state who wouldn't think to empty brass and plastic from their cars or pockets."

She claims that D.C. police gave her a July 2012 police advisory that instructs officers not to arrest D.C. residents who have spent shells and their gun registration certificates.

The July 2012 police advisory reportedly states: "In order to comply with the law, the cartridge case should be stored so it is not accessible from the from the passenger compartment and the driver is, in fact violating the law and could be placed under arrest for this action."

"A brass candlestick can do more harm than an empty brass casing. I often have empty casings in my bags and clothes from when they fly off at the range, or as souvenirs," Miller writes in her book.



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