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Washington D.C. Cop Shoots Woman Armed With Knife (Video)

An unidentified woman wielding a knife was shot by a police officer in Washington D.C. last Saturday (video below).

In the video, bystanders yell at the woman to put the knife down, but she slowly advances towards the officer who has his gun pointed at her. Moments later, the cop, he shoots her.

Washington D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said that police and firefighters were answering a fire call when they came upon the woman with the knife, notes The Washington Post.

Lanier claimed the woman had “multiple knives,” and refused to obey the officer's instructions.

However, only one knife was mentioned in a later police statement.

Gerald McBrayer, a witness, claimed the woman had “a little steak knife” and wasn't warned.

Nathan Strickland, a second witness, said the woman had steak knife with a 6-to-8-inch blade.

According to the woman's family, she was shot in the shoulder and is currently in a hospital, reports NBC Washington.

The home that was on fire belonged to the woman's mother. The woman's unidentified sister was charged for allegedly assaulting a police officer, but the family denies it.

Sources: The Washington Post, NBC Washington / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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