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Washington Cop Brags About Quotas For Arrests, Tickets, Jailing People (Video)

A video has surfaced which purportedly shows a police officer in Kennewick, Washington, telling a teen motorist how the cops are expected to make a certain number of arrests, issue tickets and "haul so many dumba***** to jail a month."

The officer in the video (below) uploaded by YouTube user Omar Abarca denies this is a quota system, but instead calls the requirements "expectations."

By definition, the officer is describing quotas.

“This is the last day of the month. I get every stat I needed tonight just off of you guys,” the officer tells a teen driver and his passenger, noted The Free Thought Project.

The teen driver asks if the officer has to make a quota.

The officer replies:

"We don’t have a quota. We have expectations. And what that means is, you will make so many arrests a month, you should write so many tickets a month, and you should haul so many dumba***** to jail a month. If we’re gonna pay you a 100 grand a year, then we should expect something back from you, shouldn’t we, right?"

The officer later asks: “So, would you like to be part of my quota tonight?”

When the teen driver asks what he is going to be arrested for, the officer answers, "On what grounds? Oh, I don’t know, I’ll think of something. How about aiding and abetting reckless driving?”

The officer also scolded the teen driver: “Now, let me tell you what the difference between being a dumb*** and being a smart guy is. You sit there with a s***-eating grin on your face, let's see your ID."

After the teen driver says he has a clean record, the cop counters, "Yeah, but you know what? I’m the guy that can make that record look dirty."

“You are a guy that’s gonna end up giving the city a lot of money, you understand that?” the officer admits.

When the teen passenger asks the officer his name, the cop fires back, "Be quiet, or you’ll have my name all over a police report and your *** will be on your way to juvi for aiding and abetting! You understand that?"

The officer tells the teen driver that the charge is "reckless driving" and then asks the young man if he would like to go to jail.

Warning: Video contains some strong language.

Sources:, The Free Thought Project, YouTube
Image Credit: Kennewick, Washington Police Logo


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