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Utah Woman Finds Severed Snake Head In Can Of Green Beans

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An Utah woman was cooking green beans as part of a charity dinner for elderly neighbors when she made a revolting discovery.

Troy Walker of Farmington, Utah, was preparing the Western Family brand green beans with members of her Mormon youth group on Feb. 17 when she found a severed snake head mixed in with the beans, Deseret News reported.

"It looked pretty much like a burnt bean," said Walker, who first spotted the object as the beans were being lifted out of a slow cooker.

"And then as I got closer to lift it off the spoon, I saw eyes…That’s when I just dropped it and screamed," she continued.

Walker said she took the decapitated snake head and the can that the beans came in back to the Harmons grocery store in Farmington where she had purchased the vegetables. Store employees were reportedly apologetic and gave the woman a full refund on the 30 or so cans that she had bought.

Walker said that she and other youth group leaders dumped out all of the beans that had been cooked.

"I haven't eaten much today because I still get queasy," she commented on Feb. 18. "I could not eat last night. It was just terrible."

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The woman reportedly sent a photo of the snake head to Western Family. Officials at the food manufacturing company have launched an investigation in response to the complaint.

"Foreign matter is not something we take lightly," said Pete Craven, the company's chief financial officer. "We want to know what it is, and we will immediately research and do any level of correction as we can."

The company is currently trying to determine which production lot the can containing the snake head came from, according to quality control vice president Sharon McFadden. Once this is determined, officials will recall all of the cans that were shipped from this lot and have them removed from store shelves.

The company will also have to fill out a corrective action report, McFadden said.

"They will go through their processes and try to determine if there was a failure of process control," she explained. "Then they will have to work through that, determine what needs to be changed, and then implement those changes."

Walker said she is maintaining a sense of humor about the incident.

"I said, 'I promise I am not going to serve green beans. We are not having green beans,'" she joked about hosting an upcoming family dinner at her home.

This was not the first time a severed snake head turned up in someone's meal.

In 2009, a man was dining at a TGI Fridays establishment in Clifton Park, New York, when he discovered a snake head in his broccoli, USA Today reported at the time. The man and his girlfriend were reportedly both given full refunds on their food. 

Sources: Deseret News, USA Today / Photo Credit: NY Daily News

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