Was Osama Bin Laden Growing Marijuana?


As details continue to surface about Osama bin Laden's life in his Club Med-like compound (his lackeys regularly went to town to buy "a lot of food," particularly Coke and Pepsi; he kept soccer balls that kids kicked over the fence), one in particular has caught our attention: bin Laden was growing his own weed.

Now that Abbottabad, the Pakistani town in which bin Laden lived, has been transformed from dusty suburb into dusty media circus, reporters are looking in every dusty corner to find insight into the terrorist mastermind. That's what led CNN's Nic Robertson to the garden attached to bin Laden's compound, where he found potatoes, cabbage--and marijuana. Of course, marijuana grows naturally in the region, where scorching heat makes for the ideal pot-growing climate. But that doesn't mean bin Laden didn't have a reason to grow his own. It has long been thought that bin Laden suffered from kidney failure, a condition that would have allowed him to get a prescription for medical marijuana in many American states.

But maybe the marijuana was just for recreational purposes. After all, it has been widely reported that the compound didn't have cable or the Internet. In any case, expect anti-pot advocates to use this bit of news to their advantage, trying to convince kids that if you smoke weed, you'll turn into a terrorist.


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