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Was Houston Airport Gunman Carnell Moore Planning Something Else?

A man who died at Bush International Airport in Houston, Texas, on Thursday may have been planning something far larger.

Carnell Moore, 29, entered the airport yesterday and fired two rounds at the ceiling. When a Homeland Security special agent approached him and told him to drop his weapon, Moore refused. As Moore turned to face the agent, he appeared to be shooting himself while the law enforcement official also opened fire.

The day before the shooting, Moore left a number of odd postings on Facebook, prompting some to theorize he had been contemplating a larger attack.

Those posts included:

A status update where he wrote, "I recently had the chance of staring death in the face, and she was beautiful.

A proclamation he made that, "This Life Will Crash Tomorrow!"

And another posting that read, "45 minutes and 59 seconds in God's Shadow and Time Stops."

He also uploaded a video of a strained and sorrowful spoken word piece called "When I go to meet God" to his timeline. Lyrics of the piece include: "What makes a mother's son decide that death is better than tomorrow?" and "This is not a life worth living. I already ruined it."

Moore graduated from the heating, ventilation and air conditioning program at the Lamar Institute of Technology.

A note discovered on Moore’s body indicated that he’d decided against carrying out a larger plot and instead decided to kill himself. The note included a reference to a "monster within," according to Newser. A suitcase next to Moore’s body held a loaded AR15 assault rifle. Ammunition was also discovered in his car.

Source: Newser, The Houston Chronicle


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