Warren: Trump Gets An 'F' On Draining The Swamp

Warren: Trump Gets An 'F' On Draining The Swamp Promo Image

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has given President Donald Trump a failing grade, accusing him of lying about his promise to reform the influence of corporate money in Washington, D.C. During the 2016 presidential race, Trump pledged that he would "drain the swamp."

In October 2016, Trump heavily touted a plan to end the revolving door of lobbyists influencing government. He frequently stated that he would root out political corruption on the campaign trail.

"When we win on Nov. 8, we will drain the swamp," Trump said during a campaign rally in Golden, Colorado, according to KCNC.

On July 20, Warren and Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island jointly released an unofficial report card on the progress of Trump's promised reforms. They gave the president an "F."

"Instead of turning away lobbyists and Washington insiders, he has welcomed them into the White House with open arms,"Warren said in a statement, according to MassLive. "Personnel is policy, and President Trump's army of lobbyists are more interested in lining the pockets of their long-time employers and corporate buddies than in making life better for America's working families."

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Trump's White House transition team was staffed with 57 current or former lobbyists. The Trump administration has appointed over 150 current or former lobbyists and roughly 40 executives and consultants from the financial sector.

"President Trump's grade on his first Drain the Swamp Report Card is a big F," Warren and Whitehouse's report card concluded. "His insider-driven policies are a boon for special interests -- but will hurt millions of ordinary Americans."

In an interview, Warren revealed that she had wanted to hold Trump accountable for his campaign pledges.

"So when Trump promised to drain the swamp during the campaign, I thought, you know, that's something really important," Warren told MSNBC. "And I want to keep track of what he does. And instead of draining the swamp, here it is, he's brought in 193 lobbyists, corporate executives, corporate consultants. And they're in every part of government making key decisions."

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On May 16, Warren asserted that had worsened the influence of corporate money on government.

"Over the past few decades, money has fundamentally re-ordered Washington," Warren said during a conference hosted by the progressive Center for American Progress, according to The Huffington Post. "Money slithers like Washington like a snake. ... The president did not invent these problems but, boy, has he made them worse."

Warren blasted Trump's Cabinet appointees, citing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and White House economic adviser Gary Cohn.

"The CEO of Exxon Mobil is now the secretary of state," Warren continued. "Goldman Sachs has enough people in the White House to open up a new branch office. Do you get the feeling that if Bernie Madoff weren't in prison, that he'd be in charge of the SEC right now?"

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