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War Veteran Russ Murray Kicked Out of Georgia Gun Store for Service Dog

A disabled Afghanistan war veteran in Georgia was kicked out of a gun store over his service dog Ellie.

The owner of Clyde’s Armory in Bogart, Andrew Clyde, allegedly told veteran Russ Murray the service dog was a disturbance to his security dog, a trained Doberman that does not play well with other animals.

Murray was injured when his Humvee was blown up in Afghanistan. After returning home, he told Fox 5, his posttraumatic stress disorder was so severe he couldn’t leave his home. He got Ellie a year ago, and she has been helping him overcome the disorder.

Clyde told Murray that Ellie would have to go because she was disturbing his Doberman, Kit. When Murray refused, he was escorted out of the shop.

Clyde noted to Fox 5 that under the Americans With Disabilities Act, a business owner can ask a customer with a service animal to leave if that animal is causing a disturbance or alters the way business is conducted there.

But Murray’s attorney, John Beasley said the business must then make accommodations for that customer, even if they have to bring merchandise outside of the store.

"The issue is whether or not he was accommodated for a service dog and clearly he wasn't, and that's a violation of the law," Beasley said.

Clyde said he is also a disabled veteran who understands the need for service dogs, but insisted he could not allow Kit to be distracted to the point of not being able to do her job. He did not disclose why Kit is so averse to other animals.

"I was just extremely hurt. I have this animal to help me when I'm out and it really disturbing that a business would do that when she's there to help me go into public," Murray said.

Sources: Fox News, My Fox Atlanta


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