War on sex by our government must end


There are people who should obviously be on sex offender lists. Those who molest children. Rapists. Should a 17 year old boy who has sex with his 16 year old girlfriend end up on such a list? Of course not, neither should a 15 year old girl who texts naked pictures of herself to her girlfriends. Neither should some guy busted after calling up what he hopes is a call girl. These people aren't threats to the public, and especially to small children. Laws should make sense, but let's be honest, many times laws are stupid. If they are not stupid, they are stupidly applied. We have prosecutors who run on being tough on crime, but end up being stupid on crime and waste taxdollars.

 We have a war on consensual sex in the U.S. We still have laws on adultery in some states. There is a certain percentage of Americans who believe that the government should be utilized to enforce their religious beliefs. These, as a rule, are not religious liberals, of course.

 Indeed, women have been arrested for having too many condoms on them! That's right, the war on sex is conducted at such an inane level that if you are a woman and you have too many condoms in certain situations, you might be considered a prostitute by police, and that is grounds for arrest. First, we as a society should want women who work as prostitutes to have condoms. It reduces sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancies. If sex workers don't use condoms because they fear arrest, that will increase these problems. Frankly, the law is often (but thankfully not most of the time) stupid and those who apply the law, apply it stupidly. Jurors have a right to be a check on these things and reject charges against  people charged wrongly and unjustly and yes, stupidly, by prosecutors and sheriffs who just want to win re-election, no matter the cost.


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