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War on Drugs: Tremendous Harm to Our Rights and Liberties

There are synthetic forms of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) that are legal (depending on the brand) in the U.S. There are now efforts to ban these fake marijuana packets that you can buy in a store. From what I have read, these forms of fake marijuana are much worse, health wise, than actual marijuana. Vomiting, hallucinations, racing heartbeats have been observed by young men and women who go to hospital emergency rooms after consuming these substances.

K2 is one of the most popular brands and has sent over 2000 people to the ER. Why does this drug have a market? For large part, because society bans marijuana. Since there are prohibitions on marijuana, that gives an incentive to quite a few people to buy something that is legal.

Often these are people who don't want to deal with the harsh punishment that society dishes out for even simple marijuana usage. Of course, a black market is the consequence of any ban. We see this in the overall war on drugs, war on prostitution, previous war on alcohol. If there is not an outlet for legalized gambling, than we'll see it also.

The war on drugs and war on marijuana has created incentives for some cops to go bad. A Philadelphia, PA cop, Jeffrey Cujdik, and those under him, routinely went into corner stores and cut the wires on surveillance cameras. They took cash from the stores (thousands of dollars in cases), and didn't properly account for all the money they took. While there were warrants, why if the police were doing everything legal, did they need to cut the wires on cameras?

Oh, the drug items that the stores allegedly sold included tiny plastic bags. Yes, anything that someone could possibly use in helping him/her to use a drug, is basically illegal. I wonder if ziploc bags are illegal also? Indeed, under this type of thinking, someone's desk could be illegal because someone can shoot lines of cocaine off of it.

If you are a citizen juror and stand up and refuse to convict someone of one of these inane crimes (which courts have upheld as a right since the 1700s) you might find yourself in contempt from a judge. So happened to Laura Kriho, who was cited for not revealing that she knew about jury nullification, nor her work with a hemp project group in Colorado. She was never asked, I guess the judge expected her to do his job or the job of the prosecution.

The contempt charge was overturned because the so-called evidence against her came out from her statements in talking to her fellow jurors while in deliberations. If the so-called evidence came outside of jury deliberations, it might have been used against her. The government doesn't want you to know that you don't have to sentence people for unjust crimes and they will use all their power to continue this unjust war on drugs, and the war on our rights.


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