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War Hero Saves Neighbor On His Way To Ceremony Honoring His Service

An Iowa woman was unexpectedly pinned to the ground by her SUV while underneath the vehicle, and when she asked her son to find a neighbor to help, she had no idea that a celebrated war hero would be the one to save her.

Courtney Pearson had her car on a jack while she was addressing an issue underneath the body when suddenly, the vehicle clipped off the jack and came crashing down on top of her. Pearson says she screamed for her 11-year-old son to ask one of the neighbors for help, and when he found a neighbor three houses down, he had no idea that he picked the perfect person.

Sgt. James Yates, an army reservist who has completed tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, rushed over to help Pearson. He put the car back on the jack and began to crank it, but once again, the car fell back down.

"Well, he had gotten it up, and before I had a chance to move – boom – it fell again," Pearson said to KCCI.

“She started yelling and I was like, "I'm so sorry,” recalled Yates.

Yates attempted once more to get the car up on the jack, and this time, Pearson was able to successfully slip out from underneath the car. She now says she owes her life to Yates.

As it turned out, Yates was in the neighborhood picking up his girlfriend so they could head to a sports game where he was to be honored as a war hero. During the soldier’s last tour overseas, he was involved in a massive explosion and was permanently injured. To this day, the veteran takes daily medication to manage his pain, and has had to undergo extensive treatment for his injuries. Yates was given the Purple Heart upon arriving home, and the night that he saved Pearson’s life, he was being honored at the game with two other Purple Heart recipients.

"Everybody gave us a standing ovation and it was pretty loud and we were walking off and you could hear people saying thank you, and saluting us and stuff like that and it was pretty cool,” said Yates of the ceremony.


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