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Police: Wanted Oregon Woman Found Hiding In Tank Of Construction Site Toilet

A Oregon woman, wanted by police, was arrested on Oct. 3 after she was discovered hiding in the sewage tank of a portable toilet, police say.

Treasure Dawn Shockey, 27, had two warrants out for her arrest on identity theft charges when she was spotted by Eugene, Oregon, police shortly after 11:00 a.m. on Oct. 3, KATU News reports.

Police said she ran when they tried to talk to her and she disappeared into a nearby neighborhood. 

Shockey made it to a nearby construction site and climbed into the storage tank of a portable toilet. She was discovered about a half hour later by a construction worker who opened the lid of the toilet and saw her below. 

Police took her into custody when she exited the toilet. 

She was booked into the Lane County Jail and released Oct. 4 on a security bond, according to the jail’s website. 

Sources: The Register-Guard, KATU News, Lane County Jail

Photo credit:  Police photo


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