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Wanted Criminal Michael Logan Brown Unintentionally Turns Himself In After Entering Police Station Wearing Handcuffs

One teenage criminal in Texas made a pretty dumb mistake on Tuesday after walking into a police station wearing handcuffs and holding around 2 ounces of marijuana in his pocket. He asked police to help him after he claimed he and his roommate were joking around with a pair of handcuffs and couldn’t get them off. What 19-year-old Michael Logan Brown didn’t realize, however, was that there was a warrant out for his arrest, and when police realized who he was, they arrested him on the spot.

Lt. Chuck Fleeger says that it’s not uncommon for criminals to turn themselves in, but adds that in his career, he has never seen someone do it without realizing.

"For somebody to come in with handcuffs, a warrant and marijuana ... in 27 years [that had] never happened before," said Fleeger.

Brown’s warrant was issued after he was accused of diving head first into car windshield. Bryan-College Station’s The Eagle describes the original incident that led to his current arrest.

A couple had been driving in the 1800 block of George Bush Drive when they noticed that one of the men who had been walking along the sidewalk began jogging and then stepped out into their lane of traffic, according to the police report. The car stopped about 10 yards from Brown, but he ran at the windshield without making any attempt to brace himself, police said. According to the report, Brown's head cracked the windshield, causing between $50 and $500 worth of damage.

He lay on the ground for a few minutes before his friend helped him up, and they walked away "as if nothing had happened," the report stated.

Officers made contact with Brown at the Campus View Apartments soon after but did not arrest him because he had "medical issues" to take care of, police said.

Brown was charged with two misdemeanor charges for the original incident as well as criminal mischief for the marijuana possession. Brown was released from jail not long after posting bail. The College Station teenager also made the news back in April when he was arrested for pulling out a gun on someone and physically assaulting them.


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