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Man Offers Vacation To Whomever Can Help His Girlfriend

A man is reportedly offering a six-month, all-expenses-paid trip to the Caribbean for anyone who can help his girlfriend recover from a broken leg.

Jeremie Tronet, a professional kite surfer living in the Grenadines, an island chain in the Caribbean, made the offer on Facebook after his girlfriend, Zoe Schaffer-Jennett, fell down a ditch and fractured her femur, according to the Mirror.

She was moved to a hospital in Martinique for an operation in which doctors inserted three screws into her leg. The accident has left her unable to walk.

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Neither Tronet nor his girlfriend have health insurance, which means they cannot afford the physical therapy necessary to rehabilitate her leg.

With that in mind, Tronet is soliciting help from a qualified physiotherapist or orthopedic surgeon who would be willing to travel to the Grenadines and act as his girlfriend's personal therapist for six months.

In exchange for their generosity, the physical therapist would be flown out to the Grenadines and provided with free room and board, as well as free kite-surfing lessons. Tronet has also promised to cover all food expenses. 

The volunteer is encouraged to bring another person along for the trip, with Tronet saying he would gladly accommodate a spouse.

He posted on Facebook that he has received hundreds of emails since making his offer.

"I really wish we could bring every single person to Union Island and share this journey with everyone," he wrote, according to Stuff.

He also gave an update on his girlfriend's status.

"Zoe is doing super well, she can move around the house with the crutches, she has the cutest smile on her face and is feeling very good with almost no pain in the leg," he wrote. "We still have a few months of hard work but everything seems so easy with all the great support."

Sources: Mirror, Stuff / Photo Credit: Jeremie Tronet/Facebook via Stuff

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