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Want to Take a Naked Stroll Legally? Go to Vermont

It was a hot, humid Monday afternoon in Montpelier, Vermont -- too hot for clothes for one young woman. So she stripped down to her birthday suit and headed outside -- and there was nothing police could do to stop her.

Officers received a flurry of calls, and a few lucky officers responded. They spoke with the 18-year-old woman, who simply said it was a hot day, and she was just taking a walk. And they had to let her continue her naked stroll because she wasn't breaking any laws.

"As long as they're not exhibiting any kind of overt gestures or communicating any kind of lewd act, then they're within their rights — if we'll use that word — to do that," said Sgt. Neil Martel of the Montpelier Police Department.

Officers "observed" the woman -- I'm not sure for how long -- but she stayed within the law.

"We watched her and there wasn't anything going on that would have violated the ordinance," he said.

The woman was accompanied by a man -- who thankfully was fully clothed -- as they made their way around downtown.

One quirk in Montpelier's law -- you can be naked outside, but you can't actually take your clothes off while on the street. So no spur-of-the-moment nudity, everybody -- you have to plan your bare expedition ahead of time.


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