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Really Want Marijuana Legalized? Then Answer this Question

The laws prohibiting marijuana were established to protect America and they abide by the government's constitutional powers. However, the final decision rests in the hands of the average American citizen. 

Is legalizing marijuana beneficial or harmful for America? The obvious answer is that legalizing marijuana for non-medial and non-religious purposes is harmful to America as whole.

-- It is obvious that alcohol is more harmful then marijuana in just about every way.
You can die the first time you get drunk. Alcohol is physically addictive and chronic drinkers develop fatal complications. Even more disturbing is the fact that alcohol withdraw can be fatal without medical intervention. Even daily marijuana use would not add to the chronic drinker's physical problems.

-- While some people try to imply that marijuana would replace alcohol use in our society there are no scientific studies to back this up. Personally, I see people at my school smoke marijuana and drink, many music videos are about "gettin drunk n high," and many narcotics anonymous members are addicted to hard drugs and alcohol. The combination of alcohol and marijuana may only be as physically harmful as the amount of alcohol consumed, however it is scientific fact that using these two substances together makes impairment worse. Impairment of
any kind effects judgement and the ability to drive. It also can influence people to engage in risky behavior and puts women in danger.

-- I may be mistaken, but I do not think marijuana users want to get "half-baked", I think generally people smoke marijuana to get high. Some people drink alcohol to get drunk, but many people just have a few drinks. 

-- I hear many marijuana smokers say that they want what is best for society in there day to day hippy affairs. Maybe they should advocate alcohol prohibition. 

-- It's a well known medical fact that heavy marijuana does not cause any permanent damage to the body or mind. Many people go as far as saying its harmless because a single high only impairs the brain for 24-48 hours. Some people may think this is not a big deal, but if you add up the impairment for the entire nation it is. Especially, for people who are heavy users. You could argue that the mind of a person who chronically smokes a ton of weed is completely normal within a few months, what has this person failed to accomplish? I know quite a few marijuana smokers that do very well in school, but the three drop outs I know were big marijuana smokers. There is a good chance that taxpayers will either have to use the money they earned to pay for welfare or incarceration of these marijuana smoking dropouts.

-- Much of harm also comes from the fact that many marijuana smokers can hide the fact that they are high. If someone comes to school or work drunk they reek. If someone gets into a fatal car wreak while stoned it is hard to prove. It is easy to spot an alcoholic, but it is hard to tell if your
employee is high or just retarded. It's not to say that some people seem to be unaffected by their marijuana use and excel in life. The question is, does society want to give their money to the ones who fail?

-- Another concern is who would be allowed to smoke marijuana. Could children? Could doctors?  Could lawyers? Children can legally drink cough medicine (if you don't know what I am talking about search "robo tripping") to get high. Children can legally smoke legal marijuana alternatives, many of which could be harmful. You could smell a drunk doctor, but what if he was high or impaired from smoking weed a few hours ago. What if your lawyer was high and made a mistake resulting in your high doctor not being held accountable for damages?

-- Some advocates believe that if marijuana was legal it would harder for kids to acquire. I don't think that would be the case since legal marijuana would have to be cheaper then black market marijuana. During prohibition the cost of alcohol kept it out of the hand of children.  Alcohol is harder to make, but you can just grow weed. Some marijuana advocates believe that marijuana legalization would take the thrill out of smoking weed and consequently reduce its usage.  Something that is cheap and pleasurable would most likely become more common.

-- Marijuana is basically legal for successful people. You can just work hard in school, get a good job and grow your own plant in your basement. Unless your bragging about
it I think you would be safe. 

-- I don't think marijuana would help our society. Contrary to common belief very few people are in jail for first time recreational marijuana offenses especially in states that decriminalized it. Dealing or possessing marijuana while committing another crime will get you locked up.

-- I know marijuana is not physically addictive, but I know this one kid who got caught dealing and failed a subsequent drug test. Disregarding how you feel about marijuana being illegal, he risked prison to smoke weed; that is addiction.

-- Some money could be made off taxing it, but the government would have to compete with home growers. 

-- I don't think marijuana is bad for some people, but I think that legalizing it for all of society would reduce our nation's productivity. Kids need to study and adults need to work.  I see marijuana as another thing that would hold people back. When some people choose marijuana over work and collect welfare or steal and go to jail we all pay, successful smokers and non-smokers.

- I want to hear some arguments for: Wow would recreational (non-medical, non-religious) marijuana benefit the nation as a whole if it were legal?


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