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Wannabe Tough Guy Plays With Gun, Points It At Head -- Terrible Move

Wannabe Tough Guy Plays With Gun, Points It At Head -- Terrible Move Promo Image

A man accidentally shot himself in the head while playing with a loaded gun (video below).

In the short clip, the man can be seen pointing a gun at his head -- looking amused as he prepares to fire it. The man is seemingly unaware that the gun is loaded, and proceeds to fire it once. Nothing happens the first time, so the man fires again and winds up shooting himself in the head.

The bullet grazed the man's skull, causing him to lose a patch of hair.

Many readers criticized the man for being so reckless with a weapon.

"Not toys.... every time I pick up my gun I look to see if it's loaded even though I know it's not. People who have guns to make them feel tuff/cool probably shouldn't have one. They are for defense or hunting. Not to play with," one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

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"This young man needs to get on his knees and thank the good Lord for saving his life. I can't understand these young people today. The education system claims there graduating smarter more educated students which I don't believe that but yet they have no common sense. But then common sense isn't taught in schools. Common sense is taught at home by presents and other family members," another added.

In a similar incident, a New York teen died after accidentally shooting himself with a gun that he was playing with.

Derek Cosme was at a friend's home in Glen Cove, New York, waiting for his mother and aunt to pick him up when he accidentally fired a gun that was being played with. He was wounded and died shortly after.

Derek reportedly texted his mother asking her to pick him up. When she asked where he was and didn't get a response back, she began to worry. The mom then texted her son almost 90 minutes later and demanded that he answer her or else he would have to walk home.

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The mother ultimately showed up at the home where the shooting took place without knowing what happened.

"So it had to be after 6:40 and before 8pm. She was the last one texting him. They were on their way to pick him up at 8 o'clock. They showed up and see the police and ambulance everywhere not knowing it was her son," Rosa Vasquez, the teen's aunt, told the New York Daily News.

"He was already dead in the house. They were just destroyed. It was the worst thing that could happen."


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