Wannabe Bouncer Shane Myburgh Brutally Beats Man In Bar For Smoking Weed (Video)

A man smoking marijuana in a Johannesburg bar bathroom was brutally beaten by a guy who wasn’t even the bouncer.

The attacker, Shane Myburgh, claims he is a “back-up” bouncer at Stones Fourways in Johannesburg, South Africa, but the managers of the establishment have no idea what he’s talking about.

“He has definitely never been employed by, and will certainly never be employed by Stones,” said Georgina McCloughan, the managing director of the franchise.

Myburgh was using the restroom when several men at the sink began passing a joint around. When he was finished using the bathroom, Myburgh immediately punched the man holding the joint in the face. Knocked out, he fell backwards, hit his head on the sink and landed motionless on the bathroom floor.

Myrburgh then turned to the two other men who were smoking and grabbed them by the shirts, preventing them from leaving the bathroom. He called out for someone, presumably a bouncer, and handed him the joint. He then slapped all three men in the face, one by one.

After the incident, Myburgh replayed the CCTV recording and captured it on his cell phone. He uploaded the video to his Facebook page, which has since been deleted. According to Live Leak, he was unapologetic, even bragging about the beating.

“The immaturity you showed in this video is a clear representation that you lack tact and the ability to reason,” wrote Dan Balthazar Wertheimer.

“That’s hectic!,” wrote Daniel Saquet. “They didn’t deserve that surely? They friggin lighties man [sic].”

Live Leak reported that Myburgh didn’t take kindly to criticism. “Anyone who speaks out against him,” he takes to “slandering them with homophobic slurs.”

“Why’d you punch him, babe?” a woman asks in the video.

“He was doing drugs in the bathroom,” a man says.

McCloughan admitted that drugs are not tolerated in the bar and said all three men would be banned. She did not say whether Myburgh would be banned.

It is unclear whether the three men who were attacked realized that Myburgh was not a security guard. He has not been charged with a crime.

Sources: Live LeakIndependent Online


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