Walmart Worker Fired After Tackling Shoplifter


Tamara James allegedly shoplifted over $200 worth of goods from a Walmart in Fort Meyers, Florida, but now it’s the the security guard who stopped her who’s in hot water.

An unidentified member of Walmart’s loss prevention team tackled James at the edge of the parking lot. A witness filmed the entire incident, and you can hear James yelling: “Please get him off of me. Please!” The person who filmed the incident raised their voice at the man and said: "Hey, whoever you are, you need to get her off, get off her I'm recording this, get off her." 

James was later arrested for shoplifting and is currently in Lee County Jail. However, a Walmart spokesperson confirmed that the man who tackled her has been fired. They called the incident “regrettable” and said that the situation was handled poorly by their staff member. Throughout the video, you can see other employees standing around.

"I was devastated when I saw the video," said Karen Jackson, James’ aunt. "He was a man, and the way he pushed her down on the curb ... Her head hit the curb. The way he just exposed her."

The person who filmed the incident was similarly irate: "You don't ever handle a woman like that, buddy. This will be your job."

Other witnesses also yelled at the man to get off of James.

The fired Walmart worker told investigators he tried to stop James and her apparent accomplice, who remains unidentified, and they began running across the parking lot. That's when he tackled James.

"I just want him off me; he pushed me down," said James. 

Eventually James and the worker were separated, but witnesses continued to yell at him. Walmart says all of their associates are advised to disengage when an altercation becomes physical and contact the authorities.

Sources: NBC 2 / Image via NBC 2


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