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Walmart Surveillance Video Shows Suspect Dropped BB Gun Before Police Shot (Video)

Surveillance footage from an Ohio Walmart where John Crawford III, 22, was fatally shot on Aug. 5 reportedly shows he dropped the BB gun he was carrying before Beavercreek police opened fire.

Crawford’s family is demanding a federal investigation to determine whether race played a role in his shooting.

The Greene County grand jury in Xenia decided not to indict the two white officers involved in the shooting this week, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

The video shows Crawford put down the air rifle before police entered. He ran behind the aisle before he was gunned down.

Special prosecutor Mark Piepmeier called the shooting a “perfect storm of circumstances.”

“Mr. Crawford did not commit any crime that day,” Piepmeier said. “All I can say about this case is it’s a tragedy. It’s a tragedy for the Crawford family. It’s a tragedy for the family of Angela Williams, who died because of all the stress and commotion from this.”

“It’s also a tragedy for the police officers who have to live the rest of their lives knowing that even though they had a justified use of force, they took the life of someone that didn’t need to die,” he said, according to Mediaite.

Sources: Columbus Dispatch,Mediaite

Image screenshot: YouTube


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