Walmart Shopper Makes Shocking Find Wedged In Shopping Cart Handle

California woman Julie Nicolas was shocked recently when she reportedly discovered a razor blade wedged into the handle of her shopping cart.

“As I was wiping along the bar underneath where the plastic’s wedged, there was a razor blade,” Nicolas told FOX40. “The corner nicked me right there. Thank goodness I didn’t get cut or anything. I stopped in time.”

Nicolas was at the Marysville, California, Walmart on Dec. 5 when she found the blade. When she reported the blade to a store associate, the employee threw the blade away and noted that it wasn’t the first time that had happened.

A Walmart manager explained to FOX40 that someone has been putting razor blades in their shopping carts for the past few months. Some employees have been asked to check the carts while wearing gloves.

“Razor blades aren’t cheap either,” Nicolas said. “Who has the money just to go placing them in there? You’re a sick individual whoever did it.”

Walmart has not filed a police report, although the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department is aware of the event through social media. Sgt. Jason Walker said that he hopes to catch whoever keeps replacing the razors.

According to doctors, sharing razor blades can lead to cross contamination and contraction of Hepatitis or HIV.

Sources: Fox NewsSacramento News / Photo Credit: BlackFridayCoupons.com, Igor Putina/Flickr

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