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Walmart Shopper Goes into Road Rage Over Parking Place

Kimberly Pankratius is accused of striking a fellow Walmart shopper with her Chrysler Pt Cruiser over a parking place outside the store in Lincoln, Neb.

Julie and Christopher Weakly took the precious parking space last Saturday night, but were unaware that Pankratius wanted it, noted the Lincoln Journal Star.

In response, Pankratius drove up near the couple and called them “douche bags."

The coople ignored the insult and kept walking towards Walmart, but suddenly saw Pankratius speeding towards them, according to the police report.

Julie was reportedly hit in the arm by Pankratius' side mirror. Pankratius allegedly sped out of the parking lot, but the couple noted her license plate and called the police.

The Smoking Gun reports that Pankratius later admitted to police that she “hit Julie with her driver’s side mirror,” but added that she “felt really bad" and said, "I did do it. I’m so, so scared."

Police say that Pankratius claimed she was “attempting to drive fast towards them to scare them,” but not hit the couple.

Pankratius was charged with assault and use of a deadly weapon, both felonies.

Sources: The Smoking Gun, Lincoln Journal Star (Image Credit: Lincoln Police Department Media Handout)


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