Woman Drags Police Officer With Car (Video)


Police dash cam footage of an incident in South Carolina last November showing a woman dragging an officer with her vehicle as she tried to escape has been released (video below).

Laquandra Borden was being questioned for shoplifting when the incident happened. She was later arrested for first degree assault and battery, aggravated assault, shoplifting and criminal conspiracy, according to WMBF.

Police were called to the Myrtle Beach Wal-Mart at around 10:30 a.m. Nov. 10 on reports of two women stealing around $2,000 in goods. The items included razors, broadband routers and a sewing machine. The two were later identified as Borden. 25, and Chasity Stokes, 36.

“There was a woman, it looked like she was in the lawn and garden section of Wal-Mart here, and it looked like she had a Christmas tree. She was trying to get away and I heard what sounded like fireworks. I mean everyone in the store heard it and started coming outside,” Brett Thompson told WMBF.

Police questioned the two women at their squad car, which is when the video begins, Daily Mail reported.

Borden can then be seen getting into her black Jeep. She sharply accelerates, crashing into the cruiser before reversing while two officers hold onto the car door.

One of the officers fired a shot, which struck Borden in the shoulder. But despite her injuries, she sped away and the police gave chase.

Police deployed a spike strip during the chase, and she was eventually arrested when officers closed in on her from both sides.

“It was something you normally see in the movies,” Chris Johnson, a witness to the chase, told WMBF. “But, violence is everywhere, criminals are everywhere so there's no boundaries to what you're gonna see anymore.”

Borden was treated at a hospital for the gunshot wound; two police officers also received medical care for their injuries.

Borden was arrested and charged when she was released from the hospital.

Sources: WMBF, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Horry County Police Department via WMBF

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