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Walmart Refuses To Print This Mom's Photo Because It's Inappropriate; Did They Go Too Far? (Photo)

A mother was reportedly told by a local Walmart employee that she wasn’t allowed to pick up the photos she had printed because they had been flagged as “inappropriate.”

Robin Walsh of Gander says she had ordered 100 photos to be processed by Walmart’s photo department, but when she tried to pick them up, she was told they couldn’t give them to her because of a few photos that they thought were not appropriate.

Walsh says that two of the photos they took issue with were of her infant daughter holding an empty beer bottle, and the third “inappropriate” photo was of two of her young children laying partially naked on their bellies before taking a bath.

"Initially I laughed, especially when I saw what photos they were referring to, 'cause I kind of thought that it was a joke, but I was surprised," Walsh told CBC News. “Then I became angry and embarrassed because a manager had to be brought in to explain to me why I couldn't have the photos, in a store full of people, and it sort of felt like I was being accused of some sort of child exploitation. There were photos of my children in the bathtub, in very sort of similar situations, and they passed those. You can talk with a lot of moms here in town and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't have a naked photo of their baby or small child.”

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(via National Post)

After questioning the manager, she was informed that one employee considered the photos to be inappropriate and because of that one employee’s opinion, she wasn’t allowed to retrieve her photos.

“I asked if I could see the policy as it was written down, and I was told that they didn't have it on hand and that it would take time for them to get it, so then I kind of questioned how they could make a judgment based on a policy that they weren't even clear what the policy was,” Walsh said. “The photo technician had apparently flagged the photos and when the manager came down and told me I couldn't have the photos, and I asked him what about the photos was inappropriate, he admitted that he hadn't actually seen them yet.”

Walmart says that it is their general policy not to print pictures that contain nudity, but they did acknowledge that they usually make exceptions if it’s for parents with young children. They reportedly have said they “deeply regret” what happened.

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