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Walmart Pork Supplier Being Investigated For Alleged Animal Cruelty

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Law enforcement officials are investigating Pipestone System’s Rosewood Farms in Pipestone, Minn. for alleged animal cruelty. Abuse towards pigs at the farm, which supplies pork to the national supermarket chain Wal-Mart, was exposed by an undercover individual working for the animal rights nonprofit Mercy For Animals.

Mercy For Animals hired a private investigator to collect a significant amount of evidence of the mistreatment of pigs at the farm. The investigator posed as an employee for 10 weeks at the farm while he collected the information and shot undercover video. The investigator’s findings led local Minnesotan law enforcement to issue a search warrant against the farm, and the investigation is currently underway. 

According to Mercy For Animals and The Huffington Post, the alleged abuse includes confining pigs into tiny “gestation crates,” punching and abusing the animals and throwing young piglets on their heads and mutilating them without the use of anesthetic. 

The Pipestone County Sheriff’s Office claimed that it has yet to discover any instances of abuse at the farm, but both Walmart and Pipestone System are conducting their own, independent investigations. 

Animal rights activists consider the gestation crates depicted in the video as one of the harshest instances of animal cruelty. Mercy for Animals’ director of investigations Matt Rice explained to the Huffington Post the level of abuse caused by these crates.

Although many major food distributors have refused to accept meat from farms that use gestation crates, Walmart has continued to work with those farms, a practice which Mercy For Animals and other animal rights organizations believes should end immediately. 


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