'That Love Has Never Passed': Man Proposes To Ex-Wife After 43 Years Apart (Video)

An elderly man surprised his 75-year-old ex-wife on Valentine’s Day by proposing to her at the Walmart where she worked in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and her reaction was caught on camera.

Reports say that Walmart employee Renate Stumpf first met her ex-husband-now-fiancé Louis Demetriades while working at an army base in Germany when they were both 18 years old.

“I was working in the kitchen at the army base, and he was a soldier,” Stumpf explained. “The first time I ever saw him, he asked me if I could fix him a hamburger. He liked who he saw, so he asked to go help me out in the kitchen.”

Stumpf says she denied Demetriades’ advances at first, but his persistence paid off and they quickly embarked on a romantic relationship.

Stumpf and Demetriades had three children and stayed married for 13 years after moving to the United States, but stresses caused a strain in their relationship and they divorced.

“We had little financial support, I didn't know anything and I could barely speak English,” Stumpf explained. “We started arguing about every little thing.”

Both eventually remarried, but recently, their respective spouses passed away. In December, the two reconnected, and now, after the surprise proposal, they are once again getting married.

“When we saw each other again last December, we knew right then we still loved each other for sure,” Stumpf said. “That love has never passed.”

Sources: ABC News, Fox News Insider / Photo Sources: YouTube, Fox News Insider


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